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Innovations in slip design and placement have been the foundation of much of Laurel Marina & Yacht Club's success through the decades.

Recognized as a leader in the marina industry, Laurel Marina & Yacht Club currently has open and covered slips available for nearly all sizes of pontoons, runabouts, deck boats, cruisers, towboats and fishing boats, as well as open slips available for houseboats up to 120' and sailboats. Laurel has capacity completed for more than 600 boats and watercraft with approved permitting in place to nearly double that capacity.

Slips are available with several options, including lifts, dock lockers and shore power. Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (BTES) provides the option for fiber-optic cable to the houseboats and boathouses for immediate hook up for cable TV, Internet and telephone services. There is series of five bridges that are six feet wide for access to slips by wheelchair and golf carts when the water is at its highest or lowest levels.

Since South Holston Lake has not frozen over in more than 50 years, Laurel's slips, and the majority of the boats, stay in the slips 12 months a year.

Through years of requests, documentation, hearings and approval processes from both state and federal agencies, the management of Laurel Marina & Yacht Club never wavered in its quest to become the premier facility on South Holston Lake.

Driven by continual growth and improvement since 1950, Laurel Marina has been both pioneer and lobbyist in effecting positive change in marina management, and as a result, can claim many "firsts" among its accomplishments.

For example, while it is something many boaters take for granted today, Laurel Marina was the first to introduce covered slips on its privately owned 50 acres adjacent to South Holston Lake.

Additionally, Laurel Marina was successful in garnering approval from TDEC and TVA as the first marina approved to build bathrooms on South Holston Lake utilizing "pump and haul" holding tanks where septic lines and septic fields are not feasible. As a result, the state (TEDC) modified the code and TWRA has since provided a grant program for up to $35,000 for all commercial marinas to add bathrooms and pump-out facilities on the public lakes and rivers in Tennessee. Laurel Marina is proud to have been a pioneer for this initiative in Northeast Tennessee.

Individually, these accomplishments have signaled a new wave of growth and lake accessibility for boaters in the region. Collectively, they tell of the financial and corporate commitment of a management team that isn't content to accept the status quo and merely "be," preferring instead, to be an industry catalyst continuing to develop and refine the marina that is touted by its customers as, "the only place to be."

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